The Card Game Cooperative – Episodes Archive

Surveillance Team

official card announcements provided by Fantasy Flight Games

Surveillance Team 1 – Electrostatic Armour (Hulk Hero Pack)
Surveillance Team 2 – Marked for Death (Rise of Red Skull)


#0 – The Gathering – Introducing the team
#1 – Relic of Ages – looking at the life-cycle of a card-game
#2 – Hard Knocks and Easy Marks – Thinking about Difficulty in Co-op LCGs
#3 – It likes Riddles – News, Updates, and can you guess which card James is talking about?
#4 – Abandoned and Alone – Playing LCGs during Lockdown
#5 – Klaw’s Vengeance – Villain close-up on Klaw, including out custom Klaw IV cards
#6 – Fireside Song – Thematic Hits and Misses
#7 – “Let Me Handle This!” – Alpha Players

#8 – “Interrogation Room” – Interview with Caleb Grace

#9 – “Legions of HYDRA” – Discussion around generic HYDRA, orc and cultist minions

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