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Madness on the Airwaves

Farkham Nights 2020 is almost upon us, and The Card Game Cooperative has a surprise for you…

Madness grips the streets of Arkham. A new cult has come to this Massachusetts city, intent on driving the populace mad with their Eldritch Broadcasts!

Madness on the Airwaves, is a fan-made add-on by The Card Game Cooperative for fans of Arkham Horror the Card Game (and, in particular, for fans of Drawn to the Flame, Mythos Busters and The Card Game Cooperative Podcasts). It features a new Agenda 1b for the Midnight Masks Scenario, and a replacement deck of unique cultists for the Midnight Masks (and The Devourer Below if you’re playing in campaign mode). It should work with both the original version and the Return to…

We don’t want to spoil the surprise completely, but here’s a sneak peak of a few of the new Enemies that you might find yourself up against.

and these aren’t the only sinister types around. Prepare for a whole deck of new cultists from your favourite Arkham Horror podcasts*

Here’s a link to a printable version of the whole thing –

*Disclaimers. We don’t actually know who your favourite podcast is. Also, in case you hadn’t guessed, This expansion is in no way made or endorsed by Fantasy Flight Games. We don’t imagine they’ll object to you printing yourself a copy, but please don’t do anything stupid like trying to sell it!

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