Episode 17: Judge, Jury and Executioner

This episode we are joined by the one and only Michael Boggs, designer of Marvel Champions the card game for a bit of a chat about a bit of everything!

At the beginning of this episode you’ll hear Will tell you all about our current competition, all you need to do to enter is take a card from one of the coop living card games and redesign it for another (for example, take beat cop from arkham horror and redesign it for marvel cha…… oh wait….)

You can use a fancy computer program or app to design the card, you could draw it or you could make a lifesize wearable version and send in a photo, then all you need to do is email your sumbission to tcgcoop@gmail.com.

The prizes are a pro printed copy of the A Long Extended Party deluxe ‘children of eorl’ for lotr the card game, a set of custom slider sleeved for ant man and wasp in Marvel Champions and a cooy of our own madness on the airwaves scenario add on for the midnight masks scenario in arkham horror. These will be distributed between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

The winners will be chosen by public vote after submissions have closed.

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