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Episode 22: We Are Groot

Join James, Michael, Simon and Will for the latest arbitrary Marvel Champions power rankings, voted by you, the public! And then confirmed with our own choices!

You can check out the power ranking s and the maths behind them here.

If you’re reading this before 31 March 2022 and you live in the UK you can join in with our next order for A long extended party content by filling in the form here.

The ALEP print runs and the podcast are done entirly without profit (we get the same discount as everyone else in the print run) but if you did want to support our podcasting overheads or get us a delicious pizza (your choice) you can support us with a one off or monthly donation on Ko-Fi

And if you’re still reading and you want to come and join us for Cooperative Card Game Conversation you can join our Discord chanel here.

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