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Shadow of the Past: Fortune and Folly

Join us for this special bumper edition of Shadow of the Past where we look at the new Arkham Horror LCG scenario Fortune and Folly, released for Arkham Nights 2022. The beginning of the episode is spoiler free and a spoiler warning is given before we move into any specifics that haven’t already been announced for those that want to go into the scenario with no prior knowledge.

We’re also giving away a copy of Fortune and Folly to a lucky listener. to enter answer the question which member of the card game cooperative ended our 4 player playthrough of fortune and folly with the lowest alarm level? The answer to the question is in the episode before the spoiler break! Email answers to See below for T’s and C’s

This episode and competition was made possible thanks to our good friends over at Arkham Chronicle – you can check out their YouTube channel here – and whilst your at it, why not go and follow them on Twitter –

Arkham Chronicle have crwated a companion episode to ours , their video is spoiler light and theyre also giving away a copy of Fortune and Folly, check out their video here.

You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and join our discord channel for some friendly chat.

Competition T’s and C’s

The Fortune and Folly competition is open to residents in the UK and Europe only. We realised after recording that we do not need address’ sent to us as part of your entry, we will contact the winner for their address after they have been drawn. Any address’ provided will be deleted upon completion of the competition. Entries close at 1pm on Sunday 11th December 2022


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