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About Us

The Card Game Cooperative is a podcast about Lord of the Rings the Card Game, Arkham Horror the Card Game, and Marvel Champions the Card Game, the 3 Co-operative LCGs by Fantasy Flight Games.

your hosts are James, Michael, Simon and Will, 4 gamers from in-and-around Nottingham, UK. You can find out more about us in our introductory episode, The Gathering.

We try to take a comparative look at the features of the different LCGs, and explore their commonalities as well as the things that make them unique. We’re all big fans of the themes behind the games, and want to make a cast that is accessible to casual players and dedicated fans alike.

You can contact us via Facebook, email us at or find us individually. James is on Discord as MightyJim#6786, Mike is on Reddit as Eric the Cleric. You can even join our own Discord Server (message us via one of the means above and we’ll send you an invite.)

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