Book Review – The Last Ritual

The Last Ritual by SA Sidor is Aconyte’s second novel set in the world of Arkham Horror. Much like The Wrath of N’kai, the last Ritual follows an already-familiar pattern: a brand-new protagonist, inhabiting a familiar setting, and running into well-established Arkham characters, who will play a greater or lesser role in the proceedings. It’sContinue reading “Book Review – The Last Ritual”

Madness on the Airwaves

Farkham Nights 2020 is almost upon us, and The Card Game Cooperative has a surprise for you… Madness grips the streets of Arkham. A new cult has come to this Massachusetts city, intent on driving the populace mad with their Eldritch Broadcasts! Madness on the Airwaves, is a fan-made add-on by The Card Game CooperativeContinue reading “Madness on the Airwaves”

The Card Game Cooperative – Episodes Archive

Surveillance Team official card announcements provided by Fantasy Flight Games Surveillance Team 1 – Electrostatic Armour (Hulk Hero Pack)Surveillance Team 2 – Marked for Death (Rise of Red Skull) Episodes #0 – The Gathering – Introducing the team#1 – Relic of Ages – looking at the life-cycle of a card-game#2 – Hard Knocks and EasyContinue reading “The Card Game Cooperative – Episodes Archive”

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