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Welcome to The Card Game Cooperative, a remotely-competent Podcast about Lord of the Rings the Card Game, Arkham Horror the Card Game, and Marvel Champions (the Card Game).

We are 4 30-something gamers from around Nottingham UK, who get together to talk about the things we like (And dislike) in the 3 cooperative LCGs, explore the way similar themes and mechanics have been explored and revisited across the co-op LCG family. We discuss new releases and upcoming products, before checking in on other fun (and invariably geeky stuff) that we’ve been up to.

Check out our latest episodes below, or trawl the archive if you’re looking for something in particular. If you have questions, we’d loved to hear from you, by email, on Twitter, or Facebook, or look our for MightyJim in LCG-related Discord Servers, or _EricTheCleric on Reddit. If you like what you hear, you can even buy us a coffee via our virtual tip-jar, to make sure that Will doesn’t go hungry when James forgets to pay his share of the recording fees…

Episode 26: The Face

Join us as we catch up with LCG Community Legend Ian Martin, creator of The First Age expansion for Lord of the Rings, and the newest Arkham Horror Scenario: Fortune & Folly. You can find us on twitter here. You can find us on facebook here. You can join us on discord here. You can…

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