The Card Game Cooperative – Episodes Archive

Surveillance Team official card announcements provided by Fantasy Flight Games Surveillance Team 1 – Electrostatic Armour (Hulk Hero Pack)Surveillance Team 2 – Marked for Death (Rise of Red Skull) Episodes #0 – The Gathering – Introducing the team#1 – Relic of Ages – looking at the life-cycle of a card-game#2 – Hard Knocks and EasyContinue reading “The Card Game Cooperative – Episodes Archive”

Surveillance Team Episode 2 – Rise of the Red Skull

a few rules clarifications from Caleb: “While Mockingbird is faceup under the side scheme she is in play but under no player’s control” – so you can’t play core set Mockingbird whilst this scheme is in play. If you happen to have Made the Call to someone else’s Core Set Mockingbird when this comes out,Continue reading “Surveillance Team Episode 2 – Rise of the Red Skull”

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