Wakanda Forever

Like many people, I woke up on Saturday 29th August 2020 to the shock news that Chadwick Boseman had died from cancer at the age of 43. Although he was a talented actor who played a wide variety of roles in his too-short life, Boseman was probably best known (certainly to Marvel fans) for hisContinue reading “Wakanda Forever”

Scarlet Witch Preview & Speculation

At GenCon last week, we got announcements for our next 4 heroes in Marvel Champions, including our second Mystic but not (surprising some) our first Mutant. Today I’m going to take a bit of a look at Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, one of the upcoming heroes for Marvel Champions. For those who want toContinue reading “Scarlet Witch Preview & Speculation”

Klaw 4×4

As many of you have no doubt gathered by now, May is Klaw month for the Content Creators of Marvel Champions LCG – you can find loads of other stuff by following #klawyourwaythroughmay. Here at the Card Game Cooperative, we’ve been doing a few Klaw-related bits-and-pieces, and we wanted to give you the chance toContinue reading “Klaw 4×4”

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