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Surveillance Team: Mad Titan’s Shadow

Mad Titan’s Shadow is nearly upon us, and once again, the good people of Fantasy Flight Games have given us a card to share with you all, from the upcoming Mad Titan’s Shadow box for Marvel Champions.

I think that we can all agree, it’s long overdue that we saw this character as an ally. That iconic shield, is such an intrinsic part of Marvel lore and it’s about time we saw it in the hands of… Major Victory?

Major Victory is the alter-ego of Vance Astro, one of the original Guardians of the Galaxy. Without doing an extremely deep dive into the lore of the comics, it’s enough to know that he has some old-school 60s powers that don’t really make any sense, is usually from a Universes and a Time-Period other than the mainstream continuity, and that he carried Cap’s shield for a while.

Lore Deep Cuts aside, let’s look at what we actually get for our ally.

  • 2 cost
  • 2 Health
  • 1 Thwart
  • 1 Attack

That’s a reasonable return for an ally: drop him in for a single point of attack/thwart, then chump block with him, an acceptable if hardly exciting return on your money.#

Where Major Victory gets interesting is his response ability –

You see, once you’ve chump-blocked with him, you get to ready another Guardian character. For the cost, this feels like a really powerful ability – if you’ve defended with your hero, and draw an Assault or a Gang-Up, not only does he block one of those attacks for you, but he’s readying your hero, either to take another attack, or to strike back next round.

The fact that Major Victory’s ability triggers “when defeated” (regardless of how that final damage is dealt) just adds to that flexibility – if you don’t want to defend with him, you can simply attack or thwart a second time on a later round, in order to get double-duty out of your Hero.

Obviously, the fact that Major Victory is a Guardian means that he’ll only be useful in specific decks, but if you’re running a Guardian Hero with Leadership, then he looks like a really strong include. Look out for Mad Titan’s Shadow, coming soon to a game-shop near you.

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